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Welcome to Structural Biology Lab!

Our lab is interested in dissecting the molecular mechanisms of key enzymes that go haywire in diseases such as Parkinson's and cancer. We use a variety of structural biology methods and complement them with biophysical and biochemical approaches. Using the structural knowledge, our aim is to design small molecule regulators of these enzymes that can be developed as novel therapeutics.

News & Events

*Our latest research using pNEDD8 bound crystal structures of Parkin E3 ligase reveals substrate specificity and intricate mechanism of loss of Parkin activity upon disease mutation K211N. Preprint is available here

*PhD student Mr. Dipti Ranajan Lenka receives highly prestigious PMRF award .

*In a major discovery, we find activation of Parkin E3 ligase by the phospho-Ubl domain of Parkin in trans and new insights into Parkin activation. Preprint is available here (

*Our MS students, Utkarsha & Shakti, are all set to start their doctoral research at Lead Discovery Center (Germany) and IFOM (Italy), respectively. Utkarsha will work on small molecule modulators of human Ubiquitin-E3 Ligase. Shakti will investigate the structural basis and mechanism of NEDD4 E3 ligase.

*Our article published on the cover page of the ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science

*Our exciting work on the inhibitory mechanism of ebselen derivatives against the main protease of SARS-CoV-2 published in ACS Pharmacology and Translational Science.

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